The South African Valve and Actuator Manufacturers Association run three online Valve courses.

The courses are graded from the Basic Valve course, through to an intermediate Working with Valves course and the final, more specialised Control Valves course.

Each valve course has a number of modules to work through with a quiz at the end of each module.

The Working with Valves course and the Control Valves course go into more depth and an online exam at the end completes these courses.

The courses have a far-reaching benefit to companies world- wide that handle or use valves, as the learning ensures a thorough understanding of the product. The development of the courses was to meet the needs of a potential industry audience in sales and engineering from both the supplier and customer viewpoint.

Candidates who complete these Valve courses will have the understanding, the knowledge and the skills necessary to work effectively and efficiently in the industry and will be able to apply themselves to an industrial valves market, whether they be engineers or sales consultants.

The courses cover a variety of concepts and fields, from the uses of specific valves and their applications right through to valve actuation and control, along with installation and maintenance procedures.

Collaboration between the company and myself as the collaborator/administrator is essential. Working online takes an enormous amount of self-commitment, discipline, and perseverance.

 Mike Sessions, our long standing Valve expert and himself an previous owner of a number of Valve companies, is on hand through- out the courses, to not only assist with the material on Valves but also give advice and support to those in their working environments.

 All candidates need encouragement and feedback. Those that complete the Valve courses are the candidates that will be highly valued in the Valve working environment.

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