Working with Control Valves Course

10 module correspondence course

Course Introduction

This 10 module online correspondence course is a more specialised course focussing on Control Valves. This course is also designed to last 6 months and includes quizzes and an online exam. SAVAMA certificates are awarded at the successful completion of each course.

Course Outline

Module 1

Principles of Fluid Mechanics, Choked Flow, Cavitation & Flashing

Module 2

Use of datasheets, Units, CV, FI, Manual Sizing & Velocity

Module 3

Valve types, Criteria, Seat Leakage, Characteristic & Turndown

Module 4

Trims, CC, LN Disk Stack, Multistage, Multiturn & Diffusers

Module 5

Sizing software & examples

Module 6

Materials of construction, Bodies, Trims, Packing / Gaskets & Pressure Ratings

Module 7

Actuators, Sizing & Volume Tanks

Module 8

Positioners, Conventional, Intelligent, Volume Boosters, Solenoids, Feedback & Accessories

Module 9

Desuperheaters & Attemporators

Module 10


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