27 December 2022 declared a public holiday

8 December 2022

The President has declared the 27 December a public holiday due to Christmas Day falling on a Sunday.

The implications for annual leave, calculation of leave pay (LP) and leave enhancement pay (LEP) is as follows:

  • employees leave entitlement will be extended by one additional day;
  • the 27 December will be a paid public holiday as it falls on a day that would otherwise have been a normal working day; and
  • the denominator or number of shifts in the LP and LEP formulas will be reduced by one (1) i.e., for a five-day worker from 236 to 235 and for a six-day worker from 284 to 283.

Should you require any assistance on the above please do not hesitate to contact the staff of the Industrial Relations Division on (011) 298-9400